Sacred Weaving of Womanhood Retreat

on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica


"We are medicine women, daughters of Mother Earth, carriers of the ancestral lineage of FEMALE DIVINITY. It is time to remember to connect with the magic of being women to know our body to understand our life cycles, the importance of our 7 WOMEN.


Through the weaving we will understand, and connect with our ancestors and share all this wonderful knowledge through sharing my path and my knowledge that has been passed down to me by my grandmothers of this lineage. In this meeting of women, let yourself be surprised by the magic of the natural allies and power plants of the colombian cultures.

With infinite respect and love JAIRZA FURATIVA GACHETA


Welcome to the humble home of our life mission!

This is an invitation to join us on a journey of radical healing and self-realization. The time to remember the ancient ways of the tribe and to gather as a collective feminine has come, and we invite you to join us in this gathering of powerful inner work to heal ourselves, our families, and humanity. By connecting with the traditional healing ways of amazonian culture, we are connecting with Mother Earth and allowing her to show us the path. This is an invitation for those seeking guidance, clarity, connection, and profound personal healing. 


As a family dedicated to working with the wisdom passed down from Taitas (Shamans) of the Colombian Inga tribes, we are witnessing and experiencing profound transformation and healing of mind, body, and spirit. It is because we have seen firsthand the healing power of these cultural practices that we were inspired to create a space where women all over the world can gather and embark on a journey together - a journey leading us back to the ways of the earth, traditional ways of healing, and the heart.


We have been working and studying with the Taitas (Shamans) of the Colombian Inga tribe for the past years and have been guided by their honesty, integrity, and ancient wisdom of plants and healing… From this place of deep trust in the path we open the doors of our hearts for you to join us as family dedicated to healing.


We are at a critical point in time as humanity, and evolution is happening fast - we are dropping old ways of thinking and being and stepping into the essence of who we truly are.


All is welcome here. Come to forgive, to overcome physical or emotional traumas, to let go of destructive thought patterns and behaviors, to heal mind, body, and spirit, and to go deeper into your spiritual process. All that you are is welcome in this family, and this retreat was born from the desire to share the wisdom of this healing consciousness for all of those who have heard the whisper from Spirit within them.


We work in great trust and love with the Grandmother Plant Spirit, Mama Jairzagua, tobacco shaman Don Florentino and all of the sisters and helpers who come in service for the healing that will take place in this sacred gathering. We have created a safe container to process as we journey as family under professional guidance. 


If you feel the call within your heart to join us in this creation of life, contact us and begin the transformation. If you feel it is a time for change, if this message speaks to you, know that you are welcomed with open arms and open hearts to join us.


This retreat offers:

* 2 sacred plant ceremonies

* 1 Rape ceremony with Mama Jairzagua & Don Florentino

* Healing and consultation circles with female shaman Jairzagua of the Muisca tribe in Colombia. Jairzagua will also introduce us into the art of traditional, sacred crochet weaving and/or jewelery weaving (beadwork) in an ongoing workshop. She will share her ocean of wisdom and experience with us in stories, lectures and healing sessions. 

* Tobacco healings and consultations with tobacco shaman Don Florentino

* Meditation, Sound Bowl Healing and Aromatherapy

* Introduction to different plant medicines and their traditional uses

* Healing our relationship with our parents and our inner child

* Building a strong connection to mother earth and nature

* Workshop on creating an altar with Yara

* We will learn valuable tools that we can apply in our life afterwards

* Daily yoga and healthy food

* Fun time, sun, green mountains, ocean breeze, peace and recreation time – massages and Reiki sessions available at all times….

May you be loved, protected and blessed at all times,

Donna and the Weaving Women

"Weaving is a path of light. Weaving is how I study; a path of discovery, slowly unveiling the depths of my being and existence in this world. Weaving is how I heal; illuminating the dark corners of my mind, bringing clarity, beauty and trust to the unknown. Weaving is the way I pray; each bead, stone and feather a seed of hope, of trust, of love, of joy, of abundance and of beauty. Weaving is how I express the manifestation of visions, dreams, desires. Weaving is how I do my work in the world. As one we weave this beautiful life."
- Yara