Sacred Weaving of Womanhood Retreat

Hosted by Donna Eldridge
Sacred Weaving with Jairzagua

Life is a constant weaving. By choosing to weave wisely, the seeds that one wishes to harvest can be planted. Each moment is a new moment, an opportunity to show up in presence and prayer.

The weaving of the mochila (traditional handbags) is symbolic for the uterus and therefore stands for the weaving of life, it is done by women only. During the weaving,  the strands are collected from the grandmothers, our ancestors, taking the yarn from the cosmic source of the weaving goddess of creation. The weaving of a mochila connects women to their heart of creation and to the birth of all things, the womb of the Mother and the feminine power of love and creativity.

The magic of the traditional crochet weaving reveals itself once we understand that we are calling in a new design for our life and that the Mochila serves as a tool to call our intentions and our healing into our daily reality. Not seldom weaving women start to weave in their dreams and visions, actively becoming a part of creation, calling in love and abundance ...

In this retreat you will also be presented with the opportunity to weave the traditional beadwork jewleries.

Those beadwork bracelets and the Mochilas are power objects – objects that have been made in prayer and intention, in reverence for all of creation, sacred items that help to activate one’s being to the frequency of remembrance and help one to always walk in prayer. Creating one’s own power objects helps to bring prayers into manifestation.


crochet weaving
beadwork on loom
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Tobacco Readings and Healings with Tobacco Shaman Don Florentino

Don Florentino is an amazing healer who has been working with the tobacco plant for most of his life. During the reading he scans our energetical body and removes blockages that hold us back from healing. The tobacco reading offers clear insights into our spiritual, emotional and physical life.

Ceremony of Life with Yara


In this session Yara will share the art of weaving the healing and teachings we receive through working with sacred plant medicines into everyday life. We will learn how to take care, nourish and support ourselves by the use of sacred tools and rituals. Utilizing the elements of nature, we will experience the creation of an earth alter. She will guide us in how to create and use a personal alter as support in the alignment of our everyday actions with our deepest desires, biggest dreams and heartfelt prayers. She will also share her personal journey using a medicine pouch for focus, prayer and energetic protection on the path of healing. ‘Ceremony of Life’ is about sharing the wisdom behind creating sacred healing space for ourselves, where we can continue our spiritual evolution outside the plant medicine ceremonies, living in service, living in prayer.

sacred altar
Sound Healing Workshop with Michelle

Allow your being-ness to be immersed and bathed with the frequency of crystal alchemy singing bowls

as well as allow yourself to be upgraded to a new vibration.  

We are all made of crystals. 

Sound frequency effects healing.

As we immerse ourselves in the frequency of crystal alchemy singing bowls, our tissues, our organs, our molecules, our cells, and our DNA begins to vibrate and REMEMBER what we already are...LIGHT BEINGS, traveling in light bodies, made of crystals.

As we gather we will remember our LIGHT BEING-NESS together.

Grandmother Teacher Plant Ceremonies 

During these ceremonies the songs and music are forms of prayer that bring healing energies into the ceremonial space. The sound vibration connects the shaman and plant medicine to the people. In the ayahuasca tradition it is said that the shaman and musiqueros sing the sickness away.

In this particular tradition we have very highly qualified musicians that are also healers at the same time.

Our personal experiences over the years with Taita Juanito, Jairzagua and Don Florentino has not only transformed our lives and opened our hearts, but totally expanded our belief of what is possible in life. We believe in these Shamans and this medicine, we believe in this path, we believe in you and we believe that anything is possible. We want to make this sacred plant medicine available to all that desire healing, rebirth, clarity, change, or connection with all life.