Sacred Weaving of Womanhood Retreat

Who We Are & What We Do
Taita Juanito

Taita Juanito is our teacher and a very unique Shaman, who was declared so at age 15, which is very unusual for Shamans since they normally are declared in their 40s, 50s or even later.  

Taita Juanito is known for his compassionate heart, for his great humor, for his deep wisdom, for his incredible powerful healings and his strong guidance during ceremony and in life. 

Taita Juanito is an amazing beloved teacher.  He keeps getting more and more followers in Colombia and internationally. People keep saying that they finally found what they were looking for when they do ceremony with him. 


Taita Juanito & Donna Eldridge

Donna Eldridge is a Group Facilitator, Retreat leader, Coach, Yoga teacher, Plant-based chef and teacher, Body worker, Aromachologist/ Herbalist in training and medicine woman.  

In Colombia 2013 she started her journey of her own healing with Taita Juanito Chindoy, the Grandfather Laureano and the Sacred Plant Medicine. This was where she revealed her calling to help women who have suffered from any kind of emotional, physical, mental trauma and health issues as she herself dealt with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgiaback and the restless body syndrome.

This path of transformation has led her to want to help others by creating and hosting an all-women’s retreat with her Taita Juanito and teacher Jairzagua Furativa Gagheta.

Her mission is to empower humanity in their journey back to the heart, by reconnecting with mother earth and all her elements; thought rituals and sacred practices.


female shaman Jairzagua

Jairzagua Furativa Gagheta (which means ‘black jaguar woman of the magic and the mystery of the hidden ancestral medicine) is a medicine woman, daughter of Mother Earth, carrier of the ancestral lineage of the feminine divinity and follower of the Yage and traditional sacred plants. She is a weaver of dreams and a bridge between the worlds, weaving life day by day.

Jairzagua is of the Muisca tradition but part of many indigenous families. She has been working beside Taita Juanito since 13 years now. Her gift is to teach through weaving, how to weave the qualities into our lives we wish to cultivate and take out those we don't need anymore. The weaving is a deep meditation and a powerful process that activates the frequencies of healing and manifestation. She will also work with us on healing the wounds we carry as women and help us to step into our intuitive strength and be our beautiful authentic selves.


tobacco shaman don florentino

Florentino Caicedo is a Grandfather and wisdom keeper of the Muisca community in Colombia. Don Florentino learned and shared with several Colombian elders receiving the word of the tobacco. He is a tobacco shaman and follower of the Yagè culture for a period of 30 years now.

Don Florentino is known for his sweet and compassionate way, for his deep intuitive connection with the plant medicines (especially tobacco and Yagè) and his profound healings..

woman at mountainside

Diana is deeply devoted to the work of Taita Juanito, Jairzagua, Don Florentino and the sacred plant medicines. After travelling to Colombia she became Jairzagua's helper, translator and student and fell in love with the magic of the sacred weaving.

Diana is a weaver of dreams and is studying the mysteries of dreams and specially lucid dreams.

Working through her own healing as a woman and deepening the connection to mother earth she naturally blended into this manifestation, bringing in her motherly spirit of compassion and calmness. Diana is a mother of a son of 10 years.

She is in charge of the overall organisation and is available for any needs during the retreats.

woma facepaint

Michelle Matthews is a Modern Day Medicine Woman and Life Purpose Doula for women who want to align with their intuition, trust their path and unleash their inner magic.  She uses a combination of Reiki and a variety of other energy healing modalities, Neural Linguistic Programing (NLP), and the Transformational Coaching Method to help her clients shift their energy, heal their wounds and live amazing lives! She is a woman leading other women to birth their purpose into the world and live a life of soul expansion, alignment and empowerment. 


woman dancing

Yara Maria is a curious student of life. With the Spirits of nature as her guide, Yara dances through this earthly world as a dreamer, weaver, healer and musician. She found herself at home in the ancient wisdom teachings, and discovered her life’s work with the sacred plant medicines. In our family she is known for the sweetness of her heart.  She is a creator and lover of all things beautiful and sacred. Through her work in Taita Juanito’s family, Yara has discovered her passion and gift in inspiring women to experience their true brilliant nature. In this magnificent knowing of one’s own divinity and utilizing the forgotten feminine teachings, she empowers women to see the real beauty of life.


woman baby fire

Maji is an earth mama walking with the plant spirits of nature. Her prayers often express themselves through music and herbal creations, and this is how she has learned to share her heart and spirit with authenticity and truth. Maji has been working intensively with Taita Juanito and his lineage and is always inspired to go deeper on the path and share it with others. Her intention is always to weave with love - with thought, word, song, action, and prayer. Always diving to the depths of truth, she is honored to share in this space with other women on the path.


woman buddha luna

My name is Luna. I come from France. I speak French, English, Spanish and German.

I have been practicing massages intuitively for many years helping friends and family. I worked as a helper of a Shaman treating patients for addiction. There, I was bond to use my gift to relieve patients recovering from ceremonies. Their feedback encouraged me to make it a career. In 2010 I trained in Peru for Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Hot Stones therapies. In 2012 I did a Reflexology training and I did a Shamanic Trigger Point and Karuna Reiki Training in 2016 in Costa Rica.  I believe in living the life I love and loving the life I live, which is why I do massages as I get great satisfaction from relieving people from stress and pain and making them feel good. I use local organic coconut oil and essential oils for my massages and the main ingredient of all my massages is love.