Sacred Weaving of Womanhood Retreat

Pictures of the Oct/Nov 2018 Retreat
Pictures of the January 2018 Retreat
Pictures of the Women's Retreat 2017


Waira Healing
Waira Healing
Waira Healing
Jungle and Ocean View
Taita Juanito and Jairzagua
Before Ceremony
Donna and Jairza
Donna and Diana
Sunset over the mountains
Fire of Liberation
Lecture with Taita Juanito
Consultation with Taita Juanito
Taita talks about Ceremony
San Juanillo Beach
San Juanillo Beach
San Juanillo Beach
Women's Circle
Diana and Jairza
Happy Ladies in the Pool
Ready to SkyDive
Part of the Team
Post Ceremony Glow
The Retreat Group
Happy Moments
Pura Vida
Ostional Beach