The Prayers We Weave

I thought it would be a nice idea to collect pictures of some work we have been weaving, for you to see what you will learn and what can be possible if you keep on deepening your studies.

The first Mochila is white in the Muisca tradition. It represents the beginning, like a white sheet of paper, on which you start creating your magical designs.

When beginning to weave beaded jewelries, one usually starts with a thinner bracelet or earrings.

Both are equally fun and carry deep teachings. The stories and explanations that Jairza shares about the weaving quickly reveal the subtle magic of this artwork when practiced in this traditional way.

The reason why this Blog post goes under the category 'Integration Help' is because weaving can be a tremendous help in re-organizing life (after ceremony or in general) if we use it the way it has been passed down for generations....

All the work below is made by women who studied (or still study) at some point with Jairza or by Jairza herself. I hope you enjoy this collection <3


This beautiful design represents spring, it is woven to remind us that spring always comes and everything that belongs to it!

woven by Grandmother Jairza (Adriana)


The wolf represents community, teamwork, collaboration,

discipline and observation.

woven by Grandmother Jairza (Adriana)

Spiritual Awakening

"This is the first wide bracelet I’ve made and I made it for a beautiful new friend with the prayer of supporting her through her own journey of spiritual awakening."

woven by Giovanna


This Mochila bag carries the prayer of fertility, it shows a frog jumping into the lagoon. It stands for the internal search and the emotional equilibrium.

woven by Grandmother Jairza (Adriana)

Carnelian Rays

Named after the crystal, the carnelian is a reddish brown stone and deals with the lower three chakras. Carnelian stones encourage the blood to flow with our creativity, sexuality and courage. These carnelians rays were inspired during this summer season. Basking in the carnelian wisdom and woven with

blessings of courage.

woven by Thea

Wisdom of the Body

This set (bracelet, anklet, ring and earrings) was woven with the prayer for purity and innocence, for the capacity to listen to the body and to respect

and accept its wisdom.

woven by Diana

Mochila Bags

This is a collection of Mochilas: the grey/beige one was a ongoing prayer for courage, the black (mystic) Mochila is my medicine bag, the little white Mochila contains my mooncup and the unfinished Mochila is the biggest one I ever made. I weave it to support major changes in my life.

woven by Diana

The union of the sacred divine feminine and masculine

As we balance these two energies we come into a divine strength within ourselves and a higher frequency for the healing and birthing of a new humanity.

woven by Mishy

Lords of Yage

This necklace and earrings set I wove in prayer for the medicine of the Yage. Honouring the guardians of this sacred medicine, the macaw of the celestial skies, the tiger of the earth and the boa of the underworld, the waters. Words cannot touch the gratitude, respect and total amazement I have for this medicine and the healing and blessings it has brought to my life, the life of my family as well as many brothers and sisters. When words cannot touch, I weave. In prayer, in study

and in deep reverence for this life.

woven by Yara

Harmonious Relationship

This Design represents the harmonious relationship in between man and woman,

in healing and love.

woven by Grandmother Jairza (Adriana)

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