Sacred Weaving of Womanhood Retreat

- Damini Alspaugh
"My time at the Wow Retreat was incredible. Donna and the team put together an exceptional program. The medicine was a perfect compliment to the weaving. Taita Juanito's ceremonies were grounded and the space he held was indescribably beautiful.  
What was most transformative for me was being surrounded by so much love. Weaving together with Adriana and Diana brought our sisterhood so close together. Don Florentino’s spritely masculine presence was a delight and his tobacco reading profound.  It was a very safe and nurturing environment.
Since returning home I have been more courageous in my personal and professional life.  The Weaving of Womanhood retreat taught me the strength in softness and I feel so blessed to have attended." 
- A. J. Fall 2018
"Omgoodness...where to begin...there was so much magic that occurred during my eight days with all the beautiful souls involved and also, those who attended the WOW retreat this past life will be forever changed for the much love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness for myself and others has come to me from this experience. I truly found LOVE for myself, something I had given up on.
I came to this retreat solely for Taita Juanito and the plant medicine ceremonies.... I received SO much more with the teachings of Mama Adriana and Don Florentino...
I cannot say enough about the organization of this retreat by Donna, Diana and the other ladies, Luna, Mishy, Maji, and Yara.. what an amazing group of magical souls..
I highly recommend.. I will be going back!!
Love to you all my beautiful friends"
- Karolyn
"Donna, Diana and their team of celestial helpers created a beautiful, divine space for the WoW Retreat gathering of women to explore, weave and unfold into our own divine natures. With a special acknowledgement of Taita Juanito, Adriana (Jairzagua Furative Gagheta) and Don Florentino for their profound presence during the Retreat.   
Yours in the light,
- Lee"
"The Weaving of Womanhood retreat was an incredible journey into the heart of the community of women. Exchanging cultural and shared wisdom with women creates a sacred container for healing. Donna and Diana held a safe, loving and accepting form, for all our spiritual and weaving work. The retreat provided many opportunities for insight, laughter and integration. It is a sacred retreat, and the medicine spaces are places to embolden and purify oneself. I highly recommend it."
- Jennifer Buehner-Varley
"Weaving of Womanhood, I feel so grateful and blessed to have been able to attend this retreat. It was an amazing time spent with beautiful women, we all have a story... Most importantly it was so amazing that I learned to honor myself. I went into some not so fun and joyous memories, but came out feeling so grateful and blessed having been through it . I AM AN AMAZING WOMAN !"
- Tammy Dobrescu
"I have drank yage 7 times with Taita, Adriana and their team of helpers. Each time I drink I feel my will to live strengthens. I am surrendering more and more each time I drink the medicine, but I am also trusting more and more. Especially with my yage sisters and under the strong and sweet guidance of Adriana (Jairzagua).
I also want to add that weaving with my sisters has filled an emptiness in me that I did not know existed until we sat in circle and began to learn to weave with Adriana. As we sat together listening to Adriana’s stories some ancient longing in me began to heal and mend and stitch itself back together. It was powerful beyond words!"
- Brigitte Gamache
"It really was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I am having a hard time putting it into words ... I sent the information to my sisters and hopefully, they will decide to attend this amazing Retreat!! I would love to do another one in the future too!!" - Beth
" It is difficult to put into words what my week with Adriana Jairsagua Furativa Gacheta, Taita and the whole tribe did for me. First let me say that the removal from the craziness of our loud, bombastic, commercial, contentious society into the pura vida of nature at Rayos del Sol was perfect for my healing. The birds, the monkeys........and the racoon that came to me on my last morning, was like a cocoon of rebirth for me.
The lessons of Plant Medicine and the Sacredness of Womanhood offered to me by Adriana were so affirming. It was as if a puzzle piece was snapped back into place. It's not that the piece was new, only that it was forgotten. Generations of subjugation, withholding and self loathing has fallen away and not in a powerful, shocking or forceful way. Adriana's teaching is delivered lovingly, gently pulling back the layers of familial, societal and religious teachings that have made women feel less than and powerless.
I received profound healing from the Yage with each ceremony being an invitation to go deeper. My healing began manifesting the moment I said yes I would attend. Following the Dieta is extremely important. It prepares your body and mind to receive the healing of the Spirit.
I reconnected not only within myself but also with nature. My eyes were re-opened to the loving kindness of nature and how ALL things work together for Good if you are willing to Look and Listen. I was reminded that we are all points in a web that connects each of us to the other. That my willingness to heal and re-learn by itself spreads to others immediately connected to me and spreads to those immediately connected to them and so on. It is really that simple.
Leaving Adriana, Diana, Donna, Yara, Maji, Mishy, Luna and all my sweet new spiritual sisters and daughters in Costa Rica was difficult. Returning back to my life in the States has also been a very difficult transition.  However, my consultation with Leo Cordero while on retreat gave me a sort of road map to follow as I re-established my healthy Spirit self as my Guide vs the fearful damaged self that had the control for years. Leo's Ayurvedic prescriptions are also plant medicine. As an RN for 34 years and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for 14 yrs I have finally learned the difference between drugs and Medicine. Plant Medicine is a way of life consistent with the naturalness of our creation. Drugs used judiciously are life saving. Medicine is life giving. Both are great blessings when used with loving intention for health.
From my first Yopo Ceremony to my final Yage ceremony my spiritual re-connection was completed. While I will continue in love and growth I will never be severed to the point I had become. Abuse, divorce, deaths, addictions, depressions, anger, fear had so layered themselves upon my spirit that moving through my day to day life had become like walking in waist high mud. I was functioning and to the outer world it looked and was rather successful, but my inner self was trapped.
I was lovingly carried through my ceremonies by the musicians and healers of the Finca Ambiwasi Tribe. My love and appreciation to Taita Juanito, Jairasuaga, Carlos, Leo and others brought me safely back to myself. They held a safe place for me to purge old defenses that served to keep me alive so that my reconnected Spirit had a clean slate to write a different future. I still struggle with old habits but they no longer rule my decisions and as time goes on I can look back on my progress and see my health returning.
As an RN, Yoga instructor and Sunday School teacher I know the importance of a healthy mind body and Spirit. I can see a healthy beauty I never really understood unfolding in my life and it is exciting! Thank you all for sharing your healing gifts with the world. It is an honor to be a part of the loving healing of our world and I am so grateful that the healing has begun in me."
- Cindy Terry 
Costa Rica 
Jan 2018 
Rayos del Sol
"Mind blowing communion of female spirit. Changed my life in ways impossible to convey in a review. You absolutely have to see it for yourself."
- Svetlana B.